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Welcome to the blog section of my website sethgolob,com. My goal with this blog is to show off not only a photo of the day, but my writing!

Little known fact, I've been writing longer then I've been making films and taking photos.

In middle school, during the creative writing section of English class, I wrote a series of stories about a fictional character I created named 'Dustin Timberflake'. Dustin was a mix of the pop star he is named after and superhero. These stories made me really confident, I knew I found a new skill and something I was good at. From there I kept writing. Short storied, poems, articles, anything I could think of. There is nothing like taking the world around you, or the world you make up, and put it down in ink.

Today's photo of the day is of Grand Central Station on the East Side of New York City. Taken in 2016 through the moon-roof of a taxi. Enjoy!

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